Panthers players give team solid grades for NFLPA report cards

Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper has recently been dishing out the dollars to assemble his coaching staff. But are those greenbacks also making their way to his facilities and resources?

On Wednesday, the NFL Players Association released their team report cards. The union asked 1,300 players to shed a light on their overall working conditions, having them grade their teams on a number of categories.

Here’s how the Panthers stacked up:

Treatment of families

Grade: A

Rank: tied for second

Players were quite satisfied with the support for their families as well as their post-game gathering area—which ranked fourth and third, respectively.

Food service/nutrition

Grade: D

Rank: tied for 22nd

This was, by far, the lowest grade earned by the Panthers.

Although they provide all three meals, 38 percent of players believe the cafeteria is a bit too small. (Maybe it’s time to get some Bojangles on the premises.)

Weight room

Grade: B

Rank: tied for 18th

While 100 percent of players believe they have enough strength coaches, some wish they had more space in the weight room.

Strength coaches

Grade: A

Rank: tied for 10th

94 percent of players, which ranks 19th, believe they receive an individual plan. They also believe their strength coaches significantly contribute to their individual success.

Training room

Grade: B-

Rank: tied for 12th

The vast majority of players believe their steam room and sauna are spacious enough and that their hot and cold tubs are hot and cold enough. But some are worried about the slickness of the pool room, where multiple players have apparently slipped and fallen.

Training staff

Grade: A+

Rank: tied for first

This is, obviously, the highest grade of all for the team—as players think quite highly of their trainers.

Locker room

Grade: B+

Rank: tied for 10th

100 percent of players believe the recently overhauled locker room has enough space. Oh, and they’re also digging the golf simulator.

Team travel

Grade: B+

Rank: tied for 12th

80 percent of players feel like they have enough space. There is also a “good amount” of first-class seats.

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Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire