Padres forced to cancel beach hat giveaway due to beetle infestation

There was a nasty surprise for the Padres at Petco Park on Sunday. (Getty Images)
There was a nasty surprise for the Padres at Petco Park on Sunday. (Getty Images)

Fans were likely disappointed at Petco Park on Saturday when they wouldn’t receive a promised San Diego Padres beach hat at the gate, but they might have been fine with the news after learning the reason for the decision.

The Padres announced that they had to immediately cease distribution of their beach hat giveaway after grain beetles were discovered in the hats’ packaging. The team said it was advised by experts that the beetles are harmless to humans, but they still opted to give fans rain checks out of “an abundance of caution” and, well, the sheer grossness of it all.

The statement did not say how fans would be able to redeem their rain checks, but it might take a while as the Padres try to find a hat supplier who can delivers tens of thousands of hats that don’t come with beetles included. Or the Padres could just lean into it and give out a beetle-themed hat.

The Padres’ ill-fated hats join a proud series of botched stadium giveaways, which includes classic episodes like “The Yankees-Enraging Juice Boxes,” “The Jerseys That Misspelled The Player’s Name,” “The Bobblehead That Looked Nothing Like Its Subject” and the “The Bobblehead That Looked Nothing Like Its Subject AND Was Super-Offensive.”

In other news, the Padres lost 4-2 to the Rockies, slipping their record to 54-84 and 21.5 games out of the first place in the NL West.

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