We can't figure out who this Don Mattingly bobblehead looks like

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In a world where anyone with any modicum of fame has his or her own bobblehead, it’s no surprise that Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly will join that group. The team officially announced this week that Mattingly’s bobblehead day will be held on April 14 at Marlins Park.

There is one problem though. The bobblehead itself barely resembles Mattingly, and that might be putting it kindly.

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If you put this bobblehead in front of us without telling us it was Mattingly, it would have taken a long time to guess correctly. That’s even with hints such as his glasses, the Marlins cap and the Marlins uniform, because almost nothing about its features really suggest it’s Don Mattingly. Even though Mattingly has long since discarded his mustache, this might have been a good spot to bring it back just to give the bobblehead a more identifiable feature.

We’re not trying to be mean-spirited here either. We’re just being honest. We rarely have trouble identifying the likeness being depicted in bobbleheads, which is a credit to those who design and produce them. However, there are times when the bobblehead misses the mark, and this is one those times.

Bobblehead Don Mattingly vs. actual Don Mattingly. (Marlins/AP)
Bobblehead Don Mattingly vs. actual Don Mattingly. (Marlins/AP)

Admittedly, we are kind of curious to figure out if there’s someone else this bobblehead may have been designed for since, again, we’re struggling to see Don Mattingly.

I would argue if you zoom in and look beyond the glasses, it closely resembles Jerry Seinfeld. But that could be me trying too hard.

If we’re talking MLB managers, I would guess Davey Johnson before Mattingly. I also once had a dentist who more closely resembled that bobblehead.

If you’re willing to play along, maybe you’ll spot a resemblance to someone else. Or maybe you’ll stare into its soul long enough to actually see Don Mattingly. Whatever or whoever it is you see, we’d love to hear it.

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