What P.K. Subban, Sidney Crosby actually said on ice in Game 3

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Showtime’s “ALL ACCESS: Quest For The Stanley Cup” has been chronicling the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs with the NHL’s usual reality show formula: Great visuals, a peek behind the scenes at the home life and inside the locker room and, best of all, the unfiltered audio that comes with all of it.

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Which brings us to Friday night’s episode (8 p.m. ET), which covers the games in Nashville between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Nashville Predators. Thanks to that access, we can finally listen in to what was said between Sidney Crosby and P.K. Subban at the end of Game 3. You know, when Subban went up to Crosby and talked smack after the game?

Guess what? As Crosby indicated, it had nothing to do with Subban’s bad breath!

We asked Showtime for the clip, but they said they are “not going to release anymore clips from this episode” and that they typically don’t release clips with “that kind of language involved.”

So, we provide a brief transcript:

SUBBAN: “Hey, f—k you.”

CROSBY: “Get the f—k outta here.”

SUBBAN: “Hey, f—k you.”

CROSBY: “Hey, get the f—k outta here you f—king idiot.”

Please recall Subban’s comments after Game 3, which set up all the “Listerine” nonsense:

“Usually when guys chirp after the game or during the game, it’s usually about your game or something personal. He went on to tell me that my breath smelled bad, and I really don’t understand why, because I use Listerine before the game. I thought my breath smelled great. But at the end of the day, we’re just going to take the win and move on.”

The episode drops on Friday night, and you can find more information about the series here. It also includes some great behind the scenes stuff on Nick Bonino’s injury and Subban’s family in Nashville. Check it out.

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