Do other teams think Bengals will draft LSU WR Ja’Marr Chase for Joe Burrow?

Ja’Marr Chase to the Cincinnati Bengals seems to be gaining some momentum.

It’s an idea that has started to gain ground in the wake of the Bengals shoring up the offensive line in free agency with Riley Reiff, seemingly opening up their options at fifth overall.

And in MMQB’s Albert Breer reporting of why the Philadelphia Eagles were comfortable trading around in the top 15, one of those reasons is the Bengals and Chase:

“The Eagles worked exclusively with the Dolphins, and Roseman had to keep the trade under wraps in the two-plus weeks in between to allow for the bang-bang nature of how it eventually would go down. And with the Eagles believing there is a pretty good chance the Bengals will take LSU’s Ja’Marr Chase at five (we mentioned in our mock this week that Joe Burrow has given Cincinnati’s brass a glowing recommendation), Philly felt comfortable with the difference in talent between six and 12—and also operated with the knowledge that it’d be hard to get a future first (this being Miami’s slotted No. 1 in 2022) in exchange for moving down closer to the draft, particularly if it looked like the top four picks would be QBs.”

Had the Eagles felt the Bengals would pass on Chase, maybe they don’t trade down as far as 12. It also speaks to how teams might feel about the wideout class — it’s Chase, then the rest.

Whether the Bengals make Chase the pick and revive the LSU connection is hard to say. But it sure sounds like Joe Burrow himself has been lobbying the Bengals to make it happen.

That other teams feel it will too is certainly worth keeping on the mind as the draft process continues.


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