One week from MNF, Charter and Disney are "no closer to a deal"

In ESPN’s Sunday statement aimed at boosting the position of its corporate parent in the suddenly nasty carriage fight with Spectrum, Disney expressed interest in eventually doing a deal with Charter Communications. While Charter might feel the same way for now, a divorce seems to be coming.

As explained by John Ourand of Sports Business Journal, Charter plans to leave the video business altogether in the coming years.

Ourand reports that Charter considered doing just that four years ago, when negotiations with Disney over ongoing customer access to channels like ESPN became far more contentious than believed.

If/when it leaves the video business, Charter would focus on wireless and broadband services, which apparently entail much higher margins.

For now, Charter is referring disgruntled Spectrum customers to FuboTV, allowing Charter to retain their broadband and wireless accounts.

With one week to go until the Bills and Jets launch the Monday Night Football slate on ESPN (with some games on ABC), Ourand also reports that the two sides "are no closer to a deal than they were last week."

As Ourand explains it, Disney wants to see how long Charter will deal with customers canceling video services. With Charter happily referring them to services like FuboTV, Charter doesn't seem to be nervous.

And the consumer continues to be stuck in the middle. Both sides will act like they care, but they don't. As Kramer once said, all they care about is the big mamoo.