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Here’s one vote for Vince Young over Kevin Kolb as next Cards QBPretty much everyone other than Derek Anderson(notes), John Skelton(notes) and Max Hall(notes) believes that the Arizona Cardinals need to go out and get a quarterback, and pretty much everyone assumes they're going to.

And it seems like most people also assume it will be Kevin Kolb(notes), the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback who was displaced when Michael Vick(notes) decided to be All-World again. Kolb, at the age of 26 and a second-round draft pick in 2007, has shown a modicum of ability, but where anyone got the idea that Kolb was head-and-shoulders above all other available quarterbacks, I'm really not sure.

He's had a few solid games, but has he shown enough that you'd want to bet your team's future on him?  I wouldn't.

Former Cardinal Bertrand Berry(notes) is thinking along those same lines and suggests the Cardinals target another guy: Vince Young. From

"The next team that lands [Vince Young(notes)] is going to get a very motivated guy that has a lot to prove. If he gets somebody who believes and trusts him, he can be a great quarterback," said Berry on the Sports 620 KTAR's Gambo and Ash show.

[Speaking of Kolb] "I don't like the idea of taking somebody else's castaway. He's a castaway for a reason. I'm not real big on bringing in somebody who was looked over in somebody else's organization," said Berry.

The second part of Bert's opinion is a little suspect -- Vince Young's as much of a castaway as Kolb. And at least Kolb was cast away in favor of Michael Vick, while the Titans made the decision to cast Young away in favor of a daisy-fresh rookie and a guy who was about to retire.

But Young still has to be worth at least a look, right? He's not without his problems, but over the past two years, Young has gone 12-7 as Titans quarterback (in games in which he's thrown five or more passes). Now, before Doug savagely punches me in the jejunum for mentioning quarterback wins, this one comes with context. Over that same period of time, with the same supporting cast, same coaching staff and same defense, other Titans QBs (mainly Kerry Collins(notes), with a dash of Rusty Smith(notes)) have gone 2-11.

It comes with a side of statistics, too. Over the last two seasons, Young's quarterback rating is 88.8, while other Titans quarterbacks check in at 76.2. That's a significant difference.

I'm not trying to sell anyone on the idea that Vince Young is a franchise savior, but his body of work at least means that he should get a look from someone, doesn't it? At least as much of a look as Kolb?

I get that there are questions about Young's mental/emotional state, as well as his attitude and work ethic, and those are valid. But he's won games in circumstances when others couldn't, and if Kolb's resume has teams ready to give up high draft picks to get him, Young is worth some consideration, too.

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