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Nobody at Paul Brown Stadium could stop Terrell Owens(notes) on Monday night, least of all the security guard who was unfortunately standing in the way when T.O. caught one of his two touchdown passes of the evening. The Cincinnati Bengals receiver, who had 10 catches for 141 yards in a losing effort, plowed over a stadium official who had his back to the field during a fourth-quarter touchdown catch.

Watch the clip here and, after you're done, try to come up with the best caption for the video in the comments section. We tried some out ourselves. Best one wins the self-satisfaction that they're having a better week than Wade Phillips:

-- Roger Goodell, who was in attendance at the game, immediately fined Owens $100,000 for a dangerous hit.

-- That was the best tackle anyone on the Bengals made all night.

-- The one time a security guard at an NFL game was actually doing his job ...

-- I disapprove of Terrell Owens' touchdown celebration mocking James Harrison(notes). (Submitted by Matt Sussman during Monday night's live blog.)

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