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Sure, the officials in the San Francisco 49ers-New Orleans Saints Monday night game ran nine seconds off the clock while Niners head coach Mike Singletary was trying to call a timeout late in the second half. But, in their defense, the sheer terror of seeing the wide-eyed, Hall of Fame linebacker sprinting toward them would freeze even the most steely of men:

It's at moments like this you appreciate the subtle differences in each of the four major sports. A football coach runs out onto the field and it's one of the most foreign sights you'll see in the game. But baseball managers do it all the time and nobody bats an eyelid. Heck, they only get kicked out if they use magic words, stay out too long or are named Bobby Cox. Then there's NBA coaches, who set foot on the floor and get a technical foul instantly. As for hockey coaches, they can't even set foot in the ice lest they slide around like Emilio Estevez from that scene in "The Mighty Ducks." (I'm kidding about that last one, by the way. Hockey isn't a major sport.)

Singletary could have gone out there, yelled for a little longer and even done the Dougie and he wouldn't have been flagged, which leads to the next logicial question: What does an NFL coach have to do to get called for a penalty? The season is still young, so here's hoping Mike Singletary answers that for us by the time it's over.

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