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The NFL Network's "Sound FX" show happened to have Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson(notes) mic'd up during his fight against Cortland Finnegan(notes). The resulting five-minute clip is as excellent as you'd imagine.

It opens with Johnson talking about his Thanksgiving and then telling quarterback Matt Schaub(notes) "we all wish we could be perfect." FORESHADOWING!

Watch the whole thing, it's great. (Much like "Sound FX," which is the best show on NFLN.)

The six best parts:

1. "Hey ref, No. 31, when he gets frustrated ..."

"Oh believe me, I watch him every play, everywhere."

2. At the 1:50 mark, Johnson's route makes Finnegan look like he's standing in concrete.

3. "Don't get frustrated!"

4. Schaub huddling up with the offense and warning them that the Titans are going to try and get them to do "some dumb [expletive]."

5. Unless NFL Network cut the audio, it appears that Johnson didn't say a word while throwing haymakers at Finnegan, nor after he was escorted from the field. I believe that's what they call "letting your fists do the talking."

6. If you wonder why Andre Johnson is considered one of the classiest guys in the league, look no further than his locker-room speech to his team. (And Gary Kubiak sort of reminds me of John Kreese from "The Karate Kid." Sweep the leg.)

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