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When a dude puts on a jersey, it's usually not intended to make any grand statement. It doesn't go any farther than "I like how this guy plays football," or perhaps more likely, "I like the team this guy plays for."

This lady, though, has gone in a different direction. She's really exploring the studio space. Joe Sports Fan calls her an idiot, but I respectfully disagree. More thought went into this jersey than pretty much any jersey choice ever made by a man.

There are one of two reasons that a woman has a Gisele jersey made for herself:

1) She loves Tom Brady, but being female, she doesn't want to compare herself to Tom Brady, which might be how a "12 BRADY" jersey would be construed. She'd rather compare herself to the lady who wakes up next to Tom Brady every morning.

2) She admires the life decisions Gisele has made; having snagged Handsome Tom for her very own.

If #1 is the case, I think that's fair. She's not committing any jersey-wearing crime worse than anyone else. A Brady fan is a Brady fan, and if a person happens to be born with the inclination to find Tom Brady attractive, so be it. Express the fact that you'd like to be with Tom Brady romantically, instead of suppressing it like most other Patriots fans.

Maybe it even makes her a bigger Brady fan than anyone who owns a "12 BRADY" jersey. She not only supports Tom, she supports those to whom he spreads his special brand of Tom-love.

And if #2 is the case, I can admire that, too. If you want to be like Gisele and land a star NFL quarterback of your own, express it. Support your role models. Wearing the jersey of someone you admire for their choices in life is probably more noble than wearing the jersey of someone who happens to play football for your favorite team.

Either way, it took a little thought. And if you don't think men out there make jersey purchases while putting very little thought into them, you've never been to this website.

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