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Last week, Steve Johnson(notes) celebrated the first of his three touchdowns by showing his t-shirt that contained a hand-scrawled message. "Why so serious?" the Buffalo Bills' wide receiver asked, in a nod to the blockbuster film "The Dark Knight."

Judging by his five-drop performance this week, one of which came on a potentially-game-winning overtime bomb, the second-year veteran might want to strive for a little less levity.

With the Bills on the verge of a stunning upset of the AFC North-leading Pittsburgh Steelers, Johnson saw a surefire touchdown catch drop through his hands and fall to the turf: 

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It was a stomach-punch play for Buffalo, who came back from a 13-0 deficit to force overtime. Johnson's catch would have given the Bills just their third win of the year. As it is, they're now the most exciting 2-9 team in history.

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