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Dez Bryant's(notes) image has had better weeks.

Last week, there was a gigantic pants imbroglio, and now, coming on the heels of that, Pro Football Talk reports that Dez Bryant is being sued over a $246,000 jewelry debt.

PFT has learned that Bryant has been sued by a jeweler who allegedly produced several custom items for Bryant in 2010.  Per the complaint filed today in the District Court of Dallas, Texas, A+A Diamonds, Ltd. d/b/a Rafaello & Co. alleges that Bryant received $267,000 worth of jewelry — and that he has paid only $21,000.

Dez's jewelry bill includes things like a $60,000 charm and a $23,000 bracelet. Obviously, no belt buckles.

Dallas Morning News has even more:

Mike Bowers, a Dallas lawyer who represents Rafaello & Co., said today that the lawsuit was filed here Friday in civil court after repeated attempts by lawyers in New York to get Bryant to pay.

"My client's counsel in New York has been trying for at least six months to get him to pay," said Bowers, a lawyer with the firm of Bell Nunnally & Martin. "We still would obviously like to have a satisfactory resolution to this outside of a trial."

Last week, someone at a Dallas mall decided that either Bryant or one of his friends was not wearing his pants at an acceptable level. This touched off something of a national media firestorm, with Bryant taking a beating from everyone from Joe Theismann to Steven A. Smith.

Theismann already said that Bryant was a "half-year wonder" and was "headed for disaster." I don't even want to think about what that rhetoric is going to be like now.

Back in November, Bryant tweeted this picture of a necklace he had purchased.

UPDATE: It never ends with this guy. Bryant is being sued again, this time by a fellow who claims to have sold him $588,500 worth of jewelry (I don't know where one person is wearing all this jewelry) and tickets to sporting events. From the AP:

Receipts signed by Bryant show that they were supposed to be paid by July 30, 2010, "or when he signs his first Marketing or Sports Contract, which ever happens first," the lawsuit said.

I think Bryant's next investment should be some kind of financial advisor.

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