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The fine people at have wasted no time in accommodating your 2009/2010 NFL gambling needs. They've got odds listed on all NFL teams to win Super Bowl XLIV. See where your team checks in:

Patriots 8/1 Steelers 10/1 Colts 12/1 Chargers 12/1
Jets 25/1 Ravens 14/1 Titans 16/1 Broncos 25/1
Bills 35/1 Browns 55/1 Jaguars 25/1 Raiders 75/1
Dolphins 25/1 Bengals 60/1 Texans 35/1 Chiefs 100/1
Cowboys 9/1 Vikings 25/1 Panthers 18/1 Cardinals 30/1
Giants 10/1 Packers 25/1 Saints 20/1 Seahawks 50/1
Eagles 18/1 Bears 30/1 Falcons 25/1 49ers 60/1
Redskins 35/1 Lions 100/1 Buccaneers 30/1 Rams 75/1

Two things: One, if I condoned gambling at all, I'd say this is a pretty good time to bet. The off-season hasn't started yet, and who might fare well in the free agent market doesn't appear to be factored in here. Two, the bets I like the best are in the 25-60 to 1 range.

Given the nature of the NFL these days, it's almost a lock that we'll get to Super Bowl XLIV and say, "Wow, (Team X) is in the Super Bowl? No one could have seen that coming back in February!" That's why I like the teams in that middle range. Some damn oddball team is going to be there, and their number on this chart is probably pretty high right now.

Say, for example, that the Bears are able to pick up a guy like Kurt Warner. They become a little better bet than 30/1, do they not? A team like the Browns has a bunch of offensive talent ... what if they bring in some reliable defensive help and Eric Mangini works some first-year magic? Those are just a couple of examples. There are a bunch of teams that have promising "what-if" scenarios.

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