NFL Week 9 Superlatives: Did Cam Newton fall asleep before the end of 'Titanic'?

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We’ve unveiled a new feature this season – weekly NFL superlatives. It’s meant to be a lighthearted look at Sunday’s games, as we highlight best shoes, class clowns and a certain quarterback who may have missed the end of a major movie. Here are the picks for Week 9:

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Most Likely to Fall Asleep at the Movies: Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Speaking of recently traded receiver Kelvin Benjamin and the need for Devin Funchess to emerge during his postgame news conference after the Panthers’ win over Atlanta on Sunday, Newton said, “We lost a great player, but nevertheless, the ‘Titanic’ still has to go.” Even if he never learned the story of the RMS Titanic in school, pretty much everyone has seen the movie at this point. Did Cam miss the ending? Anyone want to tell him?

Best Dressed: DeSean Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jackson looked dapper as the Buccaneers traveled to New Orleans for their Week 9 matchup with their NFC South rival. In a blue suit with black lapels, bowtie and relaxed – but pretty great – studded sneakers, the veteran receiver set the sartorial tone for his teammates.

Class Clowns: New York Giants defense

Third-and-33. They gave up a 52-yard touchdown – an easy one at that – on third-and-33. I’ve seen a lot in a decade-plus of covering the NFL; heck, I was in the press box for the butt-fumble, but nothing really like this. Jared Goff’s screen pass to Robert Woods may have been an effort to get better field position for punter Johnny Hekker (not that he really needs help) to pin the Giants deep in their own territory, but it ended up being one of the most embarrassing displays of defense in recently NFL memory.

Most Musical: Luke Willson, Jimmy Graham and Justin Britt, Seattle Seahawks
Last week the Seahawks tweeted video of “#TechnoThursday,” with players dancing and pretending to play flutes. On Sunday, after tight end Luke Willson scored, he and a few of his teammates revived the dance. It’s not our favorite touchdown celebration this season, but we’re all for originality and choreography.

Best Over-40 Set: Los Angeles Rams

This one comes courtesy of ESPN Rams writer Alden Gonzalez: Los Angeles’ 51-17 win over the Giants marked the third time this season the team has scored 40 or more points in a game. In the previous decade, the Rams had only scored 40 or more twice. Twice in 160 games. When you have a defense like the Rams have had in recent years, averaging almost 33 points per game, as they are now, isn’t necessary, but last year Los Angeles was dead last in the league, averaging just 14 PPG.

Most Likely to Carry a Bucket of KFC: Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay

KFC’s tagline is still “Finger lickin’ good,” right? Because finishing off a 10-piece bucket is the only explanation we have for whatever this is that Winston did in an effort to fire up his teammates before their game against the Saints. Seriously, what is this?!

I guess Jameis is VERY hungry for a win (via @NFLonFOX)

— The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) November 5, 2017

Best Shoes: Jalen Ramsey, Jacksonville Jaguars

Ramsey got attention on Sunday for a completely different reason – after pushing Bengals receiver A.J. Green, Green went all WWE and suplexed Ramsey to the turf (he also, quite stupidly for a receiver, appeared to be punching Ramsey while he was still in his helmet) – but his custom cleats deserve attention too. Painted in the same green as the Statue of Liberty, the Air Jordans also had Lady Liberty’s face and “Liberty for All (Not Few)” painted on them.


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