NFL is investigating Kayshon Boutte gambling allegations

Patriots receiver Kayshon Boutte recently was charged with multiple counts arising from gambling while under the age of 21. Although the alleged conduct happened before Boutte entered the NFL, the NFL still might take action against him.

During a Tuesday conference call regarding sports wagering generally, NFL executive vice president of communications, public affairs and policy Jeff Miller said that the league is looking into the case.

"Certainly, we're aware of the situation," Miller said. "It is under an ongoing investigation . . . so not a lot more to be said about it than that. When there is news to report we will certainly share it with you."

Miller made no commitment as to whether Boutte will or won't face scrutiny and/or punishment under league policies, explaining that the outcome of the investigation will determine whether Boutte could be sanctioned.

"There's certainly enough there for us to pursue an investigation, and to look into it," Miller said.

On one hand, imposing penalties on players who did things before joining the NFL is always problematic. (Last year, the NFL expanded the Personal Conduct Policy to encompass off-field misconduct before joining the NFL.) On the other hand, a full investigation could uncover evidence of violations of the policy since being drafted by the Patriots.

If (as alleged) Boutte placed 8,900 bets between April 6, 2022, and May 7, 2023 (when he turned 21), he surely kept betting after May 7. Which would make those wagers potentially in violation of league policy.

Again, the investigation will reveal much more about the situation.