NFL AMA: Yahoo Sports' Kimberley A. Martin answers fans' questions

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Yahoo! Sports senior NFL writer Kimberley A. Martin hosted a Reddit AMA on Tuesday talking about all things football. You can view the full AMA here.

Here are highlights from Martin’s AMA, edited for clarity:

Q: By what point do you believe Jay Gruden will be shown the door this season?

Martin: The time to fire Jay Gruden was this offseason. But no, the Redskins chose to keep him on staff and then draft a QB he wasn't particularly high on. So now you've got a coach who's in win-now mode paired with a young QB who needs time to develop. No bueno.

But in all honesty, I don't see any point in firing Gruden DURING the season – UNLESS you think Kevin O'Connell is the next Sean McVay/Kyle Shanahan. If that's the case, fire Jay after you lose to NE and have Miami on deck. But if you're not sure KOC can be that guy, let Jay ride out the year (no matter how depressing your final record is) and then target a coach you really want – and a coach who LOVES Haskins.

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Q: Do you really believe in the Browns or is everyone in sports media just memeing?

Martin: I'll say this: I believe the Browns have talent. How's that? I think their decisive win over the Ravens was a good step in their quest for the division title. But they need to string more of these games together. The next few weeks (vs. SF on MNF, SEA, and then the Pats after a bye) will tell us everything we need to know about Baker & Co. (and the chemistry between him and Odell.)

Q: How does the media feel about the Lions? Are they seen as a playoff team?

Martin: The Lions are intriguing to me. This is a team that has had talent and woefully underperformed. But Sunday's close loss to the Chiefs raised some eyebrows – and deservedly so! But here's the painful thing: The Lions held PATRICK MAHOMES to ZERO TDs AND STILL LOST. (HOW SWAY????) That's a bad loss, even though it was a good loss (I guess). How should we feel about the Lions? They're sneakily good, right??? And that's exciting.

Q: Why is it so easy for people to get caught up in the hype of players and teams in the offseason?

Martin: Because – it's the offseason! We've got to talk about something, right??? Also, in the case of the Browns, they made the splashy FA signing – Odell – then added other win-now players (OV, Sheldon Richardson). When I was in Cleveland in the offseason, John Dorsey told me not to believe the hype, that the Browns were trying to build their roster slowly. But there's no way you can come off of a 7-8-1 season and an impressive Baker showing, make ALL of those offseason moves, AND NOT EXPECT US TO SAY: "Whoa. On paper, the Browns look legit." ... But we never know how good a team is until the games start.

Q: Are there any teams at the moment that you think are better than their record indicates? Any you think are worse?

Martin: Really disappointed in the Vikings ...I expected $84 million to get MIN more than just a 2-2 record and NO playoff appearances! Was Kirk Cousins not expected to take this team to the promised land???? (Redskins fans would obviously say 'hell no!')

Matt Ryan ... SMH. The Falcons are a team that I always have high expectations for and then they just shoot themselves in the foot. (And I'm not just talking about '28-3'). They're wasting time AND Julio Jones. The Eagles and Rams are two teams that have good records, but the Rams look off this year and the Eagles lost to the Falcons. I mean, c'mon.

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