'You caught it': Dez Bryant's non-catch at Lambeau lives in a never-ending meme

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Dez Bryant can tweet about just about anything — his latest injury, his son, some play he sees watching another game on TV, whatever — and he’ll always get the same response, from at least one Cowboys fan.

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It hasn’t reached “My wife left me” on the random Twitter meme scale, but it also happens just about every time Bryant takes to Twitter. It has been almost two years since the play in question.

Bryant’s non-catch in a playoff game at Lambeau Field, where the Cowboys play Sunday, is among the most controversial plays in NFL history. Tuck Rule. Fail Mary. Immaculate Reception. And “You caught it, fam.”

For the uninitiated, here’s the history: Two seasons ago, on fourth-and-2 with less than five minutes left in an NFC divisional round playoff game at Green Bay, Tony Romo heaved one deep to Bryant in one-on-one coverage. Bryant caught the ball — or so we thought — and went down at the 1-yard line. The Cowboys, who trailed 26-21, thought they were on the verge of taking the lead. But the play was reviewed, and officials ruled that Bryant didn’t complete the catch. There have been countless complaints about the NFL’s catch rule, but this was the most important one. Mostly because it was a playoff game, and anyone watching would have told you in real time (or on Twitter 21 months later) that Bryant caught the ball. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones complains to this day that he doesn’t know what a catch is anymore.

There’s good reason the Cowboys fans have held onto their bitterness. Had Dallas scored from the 1-yard line and gone on to beat the Packers, they’d have been facing the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC championship game. They won at Seattle earlier that season. Instead, the Cowboys’ season was over and their Super Bowl drought that dates back to the 1995 season lives on. When they see the Cowboys playing at Lambeau Field on Sunday, they’ll surely remember back to that overturned catch.

And while Bryant isn’t the type to reply to all his mentions, he has acknowledged that he did in fact catch the ball, fam.

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