Yoan Moncada's 2-year-old son is already bat-flipping like a pro

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Yoan Moncada’s son Robinson already has All-Star bat-flip skills. (@RobinsonMoncada24 on Instagram)
Yoan Moncada’s son Robinson already has All-Star bat-flip skills. (@RobinsonMoncada24 on Instagram)

Chicago White Sox top prospect Yoan Moncada has yet to really make his mark at the big league level. But if his son’s actions are any indication, Moncada should bring a lot of flair to the South Side of Chicago.

Yoan’s son, Robinson, showed off some of the skills he learned from his dad at a Play Ball event. Though Robinson is just 2 years old, he showed he can already bat-flip with the best of them.

Eat your heart out, Jose Bautista.

Yeah, the whole sequence is adorable. After making solid contact with the ball, Robinson starts running down to first base with the bat in his hand. After a few feet, he realizes he still has the bat, and decides to fling it in the air. He then decides that maybe he should pick it up, but changes his mind after coaches keep encouraging him to run to first.

You can see the ball miss the target at first base, causing Robinson to make a run for second. Once there, he just keeps going until someone stops him near third base.

Upon seeing the video, Yoan seemed both amused and surprised by his son’s actions.

Yoan enters this season as a consensus top-5 prospect according to most publications. If this video of little Robinson is any indication, it might not be the last time a Moncada reaches those heights. Robinson’s already got the bat-flip down, the rest should come easy.

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