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Dallas Mavericks guard Seth Curry visits The Vertical Podcast with Woj to discuss his jagged journey to the NBA, the blessings and burdens of life as MVP Steph Curry's younger brother and growing up playing ball with Muggsy Bogues.

Curry also breaks down the reality of playing in the NBA Development League and maintaining belief in his ability.

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1:24: Still being hungry after signing a two-year contract following time spent in the D-League.

5:07: The different motivations for players in the D-League that create a unique culture.

8:07: Did his last name make it tougher for him to get a chance in the NBA?

9:49: How growing up around the NBA made it seem achievable.

13:20: Playing one-on-one against Muggsy Bogues.

16:20: Lessons learned from his father, former NBA player Dell Curry.

19:14: The transition from being recognized as Dell’s son to Steph’s brother.

22:15: Major college programs not heavily recruiting either of the Curry brothers after high school.

26:31: Battling injuries during his senior season at Duke.

28:32: Supporting Steph when he was battling ankle injuries earlier in his career.

35:21: Staying confident in his ability to make the NBA and turning down big overseas offers.

39:34: Former Kings coach George Karl’s bias against Duke players, including Curry.

42:35: Steph understanding that his success might make it tougher for Seth.

43:23: Turning down offers from the Warriors in an effort to make his own path.

44:18: The belief the Mavericks have shown in him.

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