Vertical Pod with Woj: D'Angelo Russell

Los Angeles Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell opens up about a variety of topics on The Vertical Podcast with Woj.

Entering his second season, Russell discusses life as a No. 2 overall pick, new coach Luke Walton and what he learned from playing with Kobe Bryant last season.

Russell also talks about growing up as a Rajon Rondo fan in Louisville, Ky., and playing with Ben Simmons in high school.

1:19: What Russell now knows about the NBA that he didn’t a year ago.

3:13: His relationship with Walton and the difference between Walton and former coach Byron Scott.

5:56: Walton empowering Russell to be the team’s leader.

7:33: What he has learned about what it means to play for the Lakers.

10:26: Memories of Bryant’s 60-point finale against the Jazz.

15:45: Being compared to former Lakers greats instead of just his contemporaries.

18:16: Jerry West’s visit to the Lakers and his message.

24:48: Leaving Louisville for a prep school.

28:07: Being teammates with Ben Simmons at Montverde Academy in Florida.

29:43: Not expecting to be a one-and-done player at Ohio State.

35:04: What advice would Russell give to a player considering leaving college early?

37:51: Dealing with the media spotlight that comes with playing for the Lakers.

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