Summer rewind: Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki is back with the Mavs. (AP)
Dirk Nowitzki is back with the Mavs. (AP)

A look at the key offseason moves and changes for every team in the league. Next up are the Dallas Mavericks.

Free agents
Dirk Nowitzki
Harrison Barnes
Deron Williams
Dwight Powell
Seth Curry
Quincy Acy
Jonathan Gibson
Nicolas Brussino
Dorian Finney-Smith
Kyle Collinsworth
Keith Hornsby
Jameel Warney

A.J. Hammons

Andrew Bogut

Mulligan in free agency
Outside of Golden State, no team benefited more from Kevin Durant switching teams than the Dallas Mavericks.

With cap space at their disposal, the first few days of free agency saw Dallas miss out on free-agent targets Mike Conley and Hassan Whiteside as its own free agent, Chandler Parsons, left for Memphis.

Fortunately for Dallas, the Warriors needed to create cap space to fit Durant, so they had to shed restricted free agent Harrison Barnes and starting center Andrew Bogut.

Dallas signed Barnes to an offer sheet knowing the Warriors could not match.

Dallas would then help Golden State create room to sign Durant by acquiring Andrew Bogut in a trade and filling its void at center.

Timing of Bird rights
A franchise power forward and a former second-round pick would play a big role in shaping the Mavericks’ roster.

The low cap holds of Dirk Nowitzki ($12.5 million) and Dwight Powell ($1.1 million) allowed the Mavericks to sign Barnes and Deron Williams and acquire Bogut with room before Nowitzki and Powell eventually were signed.

If Nowitzki ($25 million annually) and Powell ($8 million) had agreed to their deals first, Dallas would not have had flexibility.

Infusion of youth
The five-game playoff loss to Oklahoma City exposed an aging Mavericks roster.

The additions of Barnes (24), Seth Curry (25), Quincy Acy (25) and A.J. Hammons (23) provide Dallas with some youth.

Although they had no first-round pick in June, all four players, along with Dwight Powell (25) and former first round-pick Justin Anderson (22), should allow the Mavericks to remain competitive while concentrating on player development.

Player 2016
1. Dirk Nowitzki $25,000,000
2. Harrison Barnes $22,116,750
3. Wes Matthews $17,145,838
4. Andrew Bogut $11,027,027
5. Deron Williams $9,000,000
6. Dwight Powell $8,375,000
7. J.J. Barea $4,096,950
8. Devin Harris $4,227,996
9. Seth Curry $2,898,000
10. Justin Anderson $1,514,160
11. Quincy Acy $1,050,961
12. Salah Mejri $874,636
13. A.J. Hammons $650,000
14. Jonathan Gibson $543,471

Partial/non-guaranteed 2016
15. Nicolas Brussino $543,471
16. Dorian Finney-Smith $543,471
17. Kyle Collinsworth $543,471
18. Keith Hornsby $543,471
19. Jameel Warney $543,471

Maurice Ndour $437,318
Gal Mekel $315,759

Player 2016
Guaranteed salaries $108,710,789
Dead money $753,077
Non-guaranteed $2,517,355
Tax variance $2,727,555
Free-agent cap holds $0
Incomplete roster charge $0
Salaries: cap $111,981,221
Salaries: tax $114,708,776
Salary cap $94,143,000
Luxury tax $113,287,000
Cap space None ($17,838,221 over)
Tax Room None ($1,421,776 over)

The Mavericks, right at the cap when free agency began, opened up $41 million in room when Chandler Parsons signed with Memphis and the holds of Zaza Pachulia, David Lee and Raymond Felton were released.

With room created, Dallas signed Barnes to an offer sheet that starts at $22 million per year, acquired Bogut and used cap space to sign Williams.

Low free-agent cap holds for Nowtizki and Powell allowed the Mavericks to use room before each player was signed using Bird rights.

The Mavericks, currently over the luxury tax, will fall below the tax once the roster is trimmed in late October.

Harrison Barnes is one of the Mavs' new faces. (AP)
Harrison Barnes is one of the Mavs’ new faces. (AP)

Free agents signed in the offseason cannot be traded until either Dec. 15, Jan. 15 or for three months if they signed after Sept. 15.

Barnes, Williams, Curry, Acy, Gibson, Brussino, Finney-Smith, Collinsworth, Hornsby and Warney cannot be traded until Dec. 15.

Williams also falls under the one-year Bird restriction and cannot be traded without his approval. If Williams approves a trade, his early Bird rights will not carry to his new team.

Nowitzki and Powell cannot be traded until Jan. 15 because they were signed using Bird rights and their salaries exceed their previous by 20 percent.

Nowitzki also has a no-trade clause in his contract.

Players with eight years of NBA experience who have played with their current teams for four years (not consecutive) are eligible.

Barnes has an 8 percent trade bonus, but because the bonus would exceed the max salary ($22.1 million) allowed, it would be voided if Barnes were traded this season.


Bogut, entering the final season of a three-year, $36 million extension, can have his contract extended starting Oct. 25. Because the Mavericks are over the cap, Bogut’s current salary of $11 million can only increase 4.5 percent in the first year of an extension.

Bogut is still within six months from being acquired in a trade, so Dallas can only add two seasons to his contract.

Starter Bench Bench
PG Deron Williams Jose Barea Seth Curry/Jonathan Gibson
SG Wes Matthews Devin Harris Kyle Collinsworth/Keith Hornsby
SF Harrison Barnes Justin Anderson Dorian Finney-Smith/Nicolas Brussino
PF Dirk Nowitzki Dwight Powell Quincy Acy/Jameel Warney
C Andrew Bogut Salah Mejri A.J. Hammons

Dallas currently has 14 guaranteed contracts and 5 players with partial and non-guaranteed contracts.

The Mavericks, like last summer, set aside $190,000 in guaranteed money on three players (Warney, Collinsworth and Brussino) with an eye toward their NBA Development League team in Frisco.

Even with the high price tags of Barnes, Powell and Nowitzki, Dallas once again could have cap flexibility next summer.

Like this past free-agent period, Dallas will have to weigh retaining its own free agents (Williams and Bogut) against letting each player go to create cap space.

Both players will combine to count $27 million toward the cap next season.

Seth Curry
Out of the shadows of his All-Star brother in Northern California, Curry could play a pivotal role for the Mavericks.

Curry, who flourished the last 10 games in Sacramento (15 points per game and 49 percent shooting from three-point range), provides depth to a Mavericks backcourt that was hampered by injuries last season.

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