Report: RG3 might have two partially torn knee ligaments

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Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will travel to Pensacola, Fla., on Tuesday to meet with Dr. Robert Andrews for additional tests on his injured right knee
Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said Monday that a previous ACL tear clouded results of the initial test, but the Washington Post reported that the MRI showed Griffin might have partially torn his anterior cruciate ligament and lateral collateral ligament.
"He's going to have some more tests and a physical exam," Shanahan said of RG3. "I'm not sure right now the extent of his knee (injury). Anytime you do have a former ACL injury or an LCL and you take a look at his MRI, sometimes it's old injuries. That's why he's going to fly down there and see Dr. Andrews - get some new MRIs, get a physical examination. Right now, everything is totally speculation. When I do know of the extent of the injury, I'll let you know.
"There is a concern. That's why he's going to go see him. Anytime you get an MRI and you have old injuries (to) the LCL, ACL, he wants to give him a physical exam himself and give him a number of tests and evaluate him in person."
Griffin previously tore his ACL at Baylor in 2009.
He sprained the knee during a game against Baltimore on Dec. 9 and missed one game. He returned Dec. 23 and has worn a brace over the game since then.
Griffin reinjured the knee twice during Sunday's NFC wild-card playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks. He was reinjured in the first quarter, but he remained in the game until he was hurt again with 6:19 remaining.
Griffin's exit came in the wake of a USA Today report that Andrews, who is on retainer with the Redskins, had not cleared Griffin to re-enter the Dec. 9 game when he was initially injured.
"There was no miscommunication with Dr. Andrews," Shanahan said of the Baltimore game. "It doesn't matter. I asked Dr. Andrews if Robert is OK to be in the game and he said yes. I don't ask him... I don't sit down with him and say, 'Hey, did you give him a proper evaluation?' I asked him, 'Is it OK if he goes back in the game?' He says yes or no. He said yes."
Shanahan has been widely criticized for sticking with Griffin against the Seahawks despite the rookie clearly hobbling on the knee and struggling after he initially aggravated the injury.
"I talked to the doctors three or four times during the game at different sequences," Shanahan said. "Anytime he gets hit on the sideline, I had all the doctors come up and we talked as a group, I think three or four different times during the game. You're trying to get their opinions on how Robert is doing.
"You want to not always listen to the quarterback. You want to get some great feedback from the doctors, especially the doctors we have on our sidelines. We have three of the best in the country. I talk to them at various times during the game."
The rough condition of the grass at FedExField has also come under scrutiny, as Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemson also reportedly suffered a season-ending knee injury Sunday.
"I really thought the field was OK because I didn't see people slipping during the game. I've seen perfect grass and guys just slipping all the time," Shanahan said. "Therefore, I don't think there's an advantage one way or a disadvantage one way. You would like to have the perfect field, yes. Relative to turf, you just have to judge if you're willing to go in that direction because of the injuries on turf compared to grass."
Shanahan acknowledged that switching to an artificial turf surface is something the team will consider over the offseason.

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