LaVar Ball again says Lonzo is better than Steph Curry, and he needs to stop

LaVar Ball seems to think his eldest son is better than Steph Curry. That’s cute.

LaVar first unleashed the opinion earlier this week, but the exact words didn’t imply that Lonzo was better right now, only that he eventually would be better than the reigning NBA MVP.

Now LaVar is doubling down and saying Lonzo is better right now. And he’s doing it in the middle of a broadcast of his son’s game:

Lonzo Ball's dad repeats his idea that his son is better than Steph Curry.

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“I’ma tell you, right now, he’s better than Steph Curry to me,” LaVar said. And no, there’s not any important context that engulfs the statement. It’s as blatant and as flagrant as it sounds. It’s preposterous.

“Put Steph Curry on UCLA’s team right now, and put my boy on Golden State, and watch what happens,” LaVar said.

OK, OK. Enough is enough.

One ridiculous take is bold and humorous. A second is still a nice headline, even a juicy conversation topic. LaVar Ball’s takes, however, have frankly become stupid, and nothing more.

LaVar introduced himself to common college basketball fans by guaranteeing a UCLA national championship. His outrageous confidence endeared him to some fans, especially those of the Bruins. Then he said the NBA would be easier for Lonzo than college ball, which is surely false, but the full interview was comedic gold.

But that rant also included a line about “trading in” some of Lonzo’s UCLA teammates for NBA players. This one again used the rhetoric of Lonzo moving on from UCLA, and used it during a UCLA game, and during a season in which Lonzo and his UCLA teammates are chasing both a conference title and a national title run.

Confidence is great. LaVar is clearly confident. But his takes are also absurd and foolish, and aren’t all that funny anymore. Assuming Lonzo doesn’t appreciate the public statements, LaVar needs to stop.

Lavar Ball. (Getty)
Lavar Ball. (Getty)