High Fives: Which baseball players could see fantasy boost with new teams?

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In this week's High Fives, Brandon Funston, Andy Behrens and Scott Pianowski offer their top-5 takes on, among other things, the players most likely to get a value boost from an offseason change of venue, and the hitters most likely to rebound after a disappointing '14. Let's get to it ...

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Top 5 players who get a value boost from relocation for '15

1. Josh Donaldson - In terms of offensive ballpark factors, goes from an outhouse to a penthouse

1. Hanley Ramirez- Hanley is shortstop-eligible for at least one more year, and he'll do his hitting in a terrific lineup

1. Josh Donaldson - From the Oakland graveyard to the Toronto launching pad. Get your popcorn, and calculator, ready

2. Pablo Sandoval  - Should love the Green Monster, and ultimately, the DH

2. James Shields - Pitcher-friendly park in a pitcher-friendly league

2.Max Scherzer - In that lousy division, 300 strikeouts might be in play

3. Evan Gattis - Move to AL didn't require him to pack his catcher's mitt

3. Pablo Sandoval - Nice ballpark for Panda, terrific lineup

3. James Shields - Modest skills erosion will be masked by roomy new environment

4. Max Scherzer - In theory, move from AL to NL is always better for a SP

4. Steven Souza - Check his Triple-A numbers from last season

4. Han-Ram/Panda - Welcome to the hitter’s league, and a pinball machine

5. James Shields - See above

5. Eric Young Jr. - EY Jr. landed in a spot where he might actually play

5. Jon Lester - Those AL-to-NL pitchers, nectar of the gods


Top 5 hitters outside the Yahoo top 200 in '14 (400 ABs) likeliest to land inside the top 100 in '15

1. David Wright - Not far beyond his prime at 32, so a rebound doesn't require a major leap of faith

1. David WrightIt's not as if he's never done it before. It's nothin' for Wright to hit for average, with power and speed

1. Kolten WongAmerica’s sleeper, but we love those power-speed guys. Minor-league resume suggests last year’s BA a stone fluke

2. Dustin Pedroia - Or Jason Kipnis ... both are proven top-shelf commodities at 2B

2. Dustin PedroiaAgain, he's been a top-100 player previously. We're not asking for anything unprecedented

2. Jay BruceToo much goodwill built up, partially excuse 2014

3. Kolten Wong - Went 15/21 in 121 games (inc. postseason) as a rookie

3. Dexter FowlerIf he's healthy and leading off, you'll love this season

3. Dustin Pedroia Category juice waning, but look at the loaded lineup

4. Evan Gattis - Think he'll hit 30 HRs in HOU - nobody w/ 30+ finished outside top 100 in '14

4. J.J. HardyFrom 2011 to 2013, he hit 77 bombs

4. David WrightProbably won't bat .269 again, can be a 20-15 man realistically

5. Chris Davis - Was No. 3 overall in '13 - has an adderall green light for '15

5. Eric HosmerSeems like he has a 20-15-.300 season in him

5. Eric HosmerHave fun with post-hype discount; injuries partially excuse 2013


For the zeroSP crowd, top 5 starters currently landing outside the Yahoo top 200 ADP

1. Collin McHugh - Offers control and K per IP ability

1. James PaxtonA lefty who hits the high-90s, in a friendly park? Yes, please

1. John LackeyPerfect time for park switch, will love full season of Yadier Molina

2. Danny Salazar - Big-time K stuff and 2nd half in '14 provides plenty of optimism 

2. Wily Peralta - Still just 25, coming off an impressive season. He's capable of a leap

2. Collin McHughGot better in second half, looks legit to me

3. Taijuan Walker - You look for upside this late, and Walker oozes it

3. Collin McHughWeirdly cheap following tremendous year

3. Shelby Miller - Everyone loved him 15 minutes ago

4. James Paxton - See above

4. Danny DuffyHard-thrower is determined to toss 200 frames

4. Ervin Santana - Target Field will hide some of his mistakes

5. Jesse Hahn - Snappy '14 debut, and move to OAK won't hurt

5. Jason HammelHe was terrific in Chicago last season, pre-trade

5. Kyle Lohse - Never walks anyone, which partially offsets modest strikeouts


Top 5 fantasy middle relievers for '15

1. Ken Giles - Because this power arm won't be standing in line behind Papelbon for long

1. Wade Davis - Obscene. Sick. Almost unhittable. Needs to be owned, regardless of role

1. Andrew Miller No platoon weaknesses, not spooked by small parks

2. Wade Davis - Because my experience of owning him in '14 was such a pleasure

2. Kelvin Herrera - Throws 900 mph, a silly talent. KC's 'pen is silly

2. Ken Giles - Already dominant (12.6 K/9), Jon Papelbon eventually departs

3. Tyler Clippard - Great K rate, strong ratios, and will get early saves as closer fill-in

3. Andrew MillerCrazy K-rate, and it's possible he'll poach a save or two

3. Wade Davis For all the Ned Yost complaining, his bullpen usage makes sense

4. Brad Boxberger - See above (but with even more Ks, less track record)

4. Tyler ClippardProven relief ace who may see a few early-season save chances

4. Brad BoxbergerA little homer prone, but with 104 whiffs, who cares?

5. Andrew Miller - Amply fills the requisite K+ ratio boxes

5. Darren O'Day O'Day's last three years: 17-6, 2.05 ERA, 0.94 WHIP, 9.2 K/9

5. Kevin QuackenbushBud Black’s bullpen always has a bunch of working-class heroes


Top 5 defunct stadiums that you would have most liked to visit

1. Polo Grounds - If you think Fenway Park is funky, take a look at this

1. West Side Park - Historians tell us that the Cubs did, in fact, win the World Series. When it happened, this was their home.

1. Tiger StadiumI’ll never forgive myself for not making the pilgrimage

2. Tiger Stadium - Loved the look of those columns, and the stands were right on top of the field

2. South End Grounds - I mean, just look at this place. That's gorgeous.

2. The KingdomeSo I can get all the Funston references

3. Shibe Park - First steel-and-concrete park - rest of MLB would follow suit soon thereafter

3. Polo Grounds - Crazy dimensions, so much history

3. Ebbets FieldNo sleep till Brooklyn

4. Ebbets Field - When it comes to storied MLB stadiums, it's Ebbets and Yankee at the top

4. Ebbets Field - Beautiful park, phenomenal stars, countless big games

4. Comiskey Park - Preferably on Disco Demolition night

5. Braves Field- Opened with 550-foot dimension in CF!

5. Tiger Stadium - Still can't believe Reggie hit it here

5. Sicks’ Stadium - With Jim Bouton on the hill

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