Giant moth surprises Reds' Ivan De Jesus during at-bat

Baseball isn’t considered an outdoor sport like mountain biking, fishing or kayaking, but Cincinnati Reds infielder Iván De Jesús Jr. found out you can get plenty close to nature playing baseball, too.

De Jesús was standing in the batter’s box Monday night ready to swing away when unbeknownst to him, a giant moth, roughly 1/3 of the size of the number on the back of De Jesús’ uniform, planted itself right in the middle of his back during his at-bat.

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Not a joke. See for yourself. The moth didn’t stay long, it was knocked off and flew away when De Jesús swung and missed, but the point was made. The batter’s box is no longer a safe place. We already knew the mound was a danger zone.

Between De Jesús’ monster moth and the Kansas City Royals’ rally mantis, it’s been quite the summer for insects in the big leagues. Right now, it’s cute. But another one of these incidents and it won’t be so cute anymore. The insects are coming. And they appear to want to take over baseball. If you’ve got a bat and a glove with you, be careful out there.

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