Cubs and Brewers bullpens hold hilarious rain delay dance-off

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The first two games of this weekend’s Cubs-Brewers series at Wrigley Field have been complicated by rain, but that hasn’t stopped the division rivals from having fun or providing some entertainment.

On Friday, the series opener was delayed one hour and 59 minutes during the sixth inning. Once the action returned, the Brewers held on for a 6-3 win. As for Saturday’s game, that one never got started as the Cubs were forced to postpone their anticipated “Final Out” bobblehead giveaway until July 6.

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Meanwhile, in the Cubs new closed-in bullpens that are located under the right and left field bleachers, a dance-off took place that appears to have reached epic levels.

Though the video was posted on Saturday afternoon, we’re under the impression this took place during Friday’s rain delay. Then again, it’s possible they’ve been locked in there the whole time and have been dancing for 24 hours straight.

Regardless, the dueling bullpens busted out some serious moves as they attempted to one-up each other.

The Cubs and Brewers bullpens are making rain delays fun again. (Cubs on Twitter)
The Cubs and Brewers bullpens are making rain delays fun again. (Cubs on Twitter)

Since there are monitors in each bullpen that show activity in the opposing bullpen, they were able to keep tabs on each other and get instant reactions.

It’s difficult to tell who’s doing what, but the Cubs’ version of the “Worm” definitely got things off to a hot start. From there, well, it wasn’t exactly pretty, but it was certainly amusing. We’d give the slight edge to the Cubs, but there really are no losers when it comes to baseball dance-offs.

And for those who might not like the new Wrigley Field bullpens not being visible to the fans. We understand where you’re coming from, but if rain delay dance-offs in the bullpen are the new norm at Wrigley Field, we’re all for keeping them hidden.

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