Capitals have awkward face-swap fail on their Social Media Night

The Washington Capitals faced the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday night. But it wasn’t just a Saturday night – it was Social Media Night, in which fans hash-tagged selfies with #CapsSocialNight in the hopes of garnering the attention of the team’s official feed.

That’s what Emily Longtin did, sending off a photo or her and her seatmate while attending the game. The Capitals saw it and responded, complimenting her on the “great face swap!”


For the uninitiated, “face swap” is a filter on Snapchat that virtually takes one person’s face and puts it onto another’s body, and vice versa. The results are usually hilarious, as the end result is that both parties look like they’ve undergone hasty “Face-Off” transplant surgery.

Which is why “great face swap” is sort of an embarrassing thing to proclaim when, in fact, two faces have not been swapped.

Which they weren’t with Emily and her father, as she informed the Capitals:

Hashtag: awkward …

As with any social media faux pas, the Capitals then tried to explain their way out of it, but Emily clearly felt they were still rocking the red-faced …


Later, someone decided to show what, exactly, the duo would have looked like had their faces had actually been swapped:

They say timing is everything, so kudos to the Capitals for having their social media fail hours after we had locked our Top 10 Social Media Moments of 2016 year in review blog. Because we might have, ahem, swapped one out for this …

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