Aussie golfer plays through a lazy herd of kangaroos

Golf is a little different in Australia, in more ways than one.

For this Aussie golfer, he experienced one of the unique hazards in Down Under golf: playing through a herd of lazy kangaroos.

Greg Tannos published his experience at  Sanctuary Point Country Club on YouTube on Thursday, where he and his playing partner have to leisurely weave their way through kangaroos, some of which are resting in the fairway while others jump around and eat.

Eventually, Tannos finds his ball and the kangaroos give him a window to advance the ball. Fortunately, Tannos didn’t hit any of them.

It’s probably better Tannos could work around the somewhat listless kangaroos than face a charging baboon like Luke Donald did a few years ago on the European Tour.

Ryan Ballengee is a Yahoo Sports contributor. Find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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