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Happy Monday, Dagger readers. Mondays are usually no fun. But this Monday sort of rules, I think. Check out this video and tell me if you agree:

You know what makes Mondays awesome sometimes? When video of Kentucky superrecruit John Wall dunking on NBA veteran Jerry Stackhouse -- who, though he's lost is a step in recent years, is no athletic slouch -- hits my inbox. That's a good Monday.

That video was shot at the Greater North Carolina Pro-Am, one of the many summer leagues that mingle college and NBA stars for offseason workouts. This is where I want to urge Jerry Stackhouse to never go back, but you know what? It happens. LeBron James got dunked on by a far less talented player than John Wall. At least Stackhouse's people didn't pull a Politburo on the footage. Stackhouse handled it appropriately, inbounding the ball and hustling back down the court.

And anyway, he shouldn't feel too bad. John Wall is going to do that to a lot of people in the next few years. At least Stackhouse can say he was first.

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