NCAA revamps women's workout facilities after committee demands investigation

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It didn't take long for the NCAA to right a major wrong at the NCAA tournament. The organization completely revamped the women's workout facility Saturday after complaints about the equipment available to women athletes drew attention.

The facility, which previously featured just a rack of dumbbells, now features far more equipment.

Complaints over women's facilities went viral

Oregon's Sedona Prince tweeted out a video Friday showing the difference in quality at both weight rooms that went viral. In her video, Prince showed off the men's workout facility, which featured plenty of equipment. She then showed the women's "gym," which featured a rack of dumbbells and nothing more.

The NCAA drew plenty of criticism after Prince's video got out. The NCAA committee on women's athletics sent a letter to NCAA president Mark Emmert on Friday urging Emmert to investigate the disparities between the men's and women's workout facilities.

Emmert and the NCAA reacted quickly, overhauling the women's gym by Saturday morning.

Sedona Prince responds: 'Thank you so much. For real'

Prince issued another video Saturday, celebrating the overhaul and thanking both the NCAA and her followers for making it possible.

Prince pointed out the additional dumbbells, weight bands and equipment that was added to the workout area Saturday. The video ended with Prince and the rest of her teammates cheering with excitement thanks to the changes.

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