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Whew boy, they're getting restless in Washington. Here with a report on the Wizards' rough 0-3 start is Kissing Suzy Kolber co-founder, Deadspin weekend editor and Wiz season ticket holder Jack Kogod a.k.a. Unsilent Majority ...

Every day it gets a little bit harder to watch the Washington Wizards without the benefit of a few stiff drinks.

Last night's fourth quarter/overtime implosion against a Michael Redd-less Bucks team resulted in a third consecutive painful loss to start the season, and if a change is not made there will be a lot more in the coming months.

While it may seem grossly unfair to fire coach Eddie Jordan just three games into his newly extended contract, the team needs to make a drastic change, preferably before Gilbert Arenas returns to the lineup next month. If it makes it any easier on Abe Pollin he could always pass on the bad news in the form of a cake.

Jordan, the longest tenured coach in the NBA's Eastern conference has always done a good job in Washington. The franchise that's been mired in sub-mediocrity for the past few decades has benefited from Jordan's stable presence on the bench, but it's becoming abundantly clear that this team can't go much further under his guidance. Currently the team is a disjointed mess and even Jordan himself has indicated that he's at a loss.

Coming into the season the coach admitted that he was unsure how he'd utilize his bench, which came as little surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. Jordan's substitution methods could best be described as nonsensical, and more often than not the result is a five-man team that lacks any semblance of cohesion.

It's clear to anyone who follows the team that the starting backcourt combination of Antonio Daniels and DeShawn Stevenson is killing the team's half-court offense. Neither player is nearly aggressive enough with the ball, so instead of running actual plays they typically rely on Caron Butler's one-on-one scoring ability and Antawn Jamison's arsenal of awkward scoop shots while Stevenson unleashes two ill-fated fadeaway jumpers for every line drive put up by Daniels. And all the while Jordan sits back and watches his team dig themselves into another deep first quarter hole (17 and 18 point deficits in the last two games). While Stevenson and Daniels have struggled, their backups Nick Young and Juan Dixon have excelled. Unfortunately, Jordan refuses to shake up the veteran backcourt and Young winds up sitting for as many minutes as he plays.

The Wizards are growing stagnant and they are in need of a coach who will harness emerging young talents like Young and Andray Blatche instead of sticking them in the doghouse at every turn. This team needs change, and I think I know who might make the perfect interim coach ...

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