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As far as jump-shooting centers go, Brad Miller(notes) is one of the best in the business. In fact, the jump shot is his most effective offensive weapon, followed closely by the pump-fake then awkward drive to the basket. That jumper has allowed a slow, athleticism-challenged 7-footer to play 11 years in a league full of guys who can jump out the gym.

So it is no surprise that Miller would take an 18-footer off a pick-and-pop with Derrick Rose(notes) in the fourth quarter of an important game against the Celtics. It's not even surprising that he'd end up with two points for his troubles. What is surprising is how he "made" the shot.

Nice one, Rasheed. Great positioning and excellent touch. Too bad about that "wrong basket" thing. Though I'm guessing Nate Robinson(notes) would be very impressed.

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To his credit, Rasheed's tip-in didn't really cost the Celtics the game, since they ended up losing by eight. However, it did give Boston fans a chance to rag on their least favorite player, calling it his "best offensive rebound of the year" and "his best shot of the season." They're pretty happy about it.

And while Wallace's mix-up might seem unbelievable, it's really just a symptom of one completely infallible truth — Brad Miller cannot be stopped.

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Ball Don't Lie

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