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We mentioned the impetus for the thinking behind today's marathon chat yesterday, check out that post if you have any questions, and understand that we're going to work this in our inimitable, BDL-style.

With that said, here's the real reason why we think this thing can be a bit more than a way to waste time in a too-slow off-season: Aid Still Required.

ASR is a non-profit, humanitarian movement focused on rebuilding communities through sustainable solutions in the aftermath of natural disasters (hurricanes, tsunamis) and human crises (Darfur). ASR believes everyone, everywhere, is entitled to live in dignity, health and peace. So do we. Please click here to donate.

So there it is. Stop in at any time — not only because Ziller, Moore, Jeff, Kurt, Trey, Ryne, Tas and others will — but because we do have a chance to do something good with our idle, idle hands. And please comment away — if your sentiment is funny, insightful or awesome, we'll add it to the mix.

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Ball Don't Lie

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