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You thought you were free from Tiger Woods articles on the NASCAR page, didn't you? You thought wrong!

Stevie Williams, Tiger's mouthy New Zealand-based caddy, makes his living walking, but drives a fairly mean car, too. This past weekend, Williams won the New Zealand Saloon Car title, beating out a field of 60 drivers. (Tempting as it is to consider a "saloon car" one that's either designed specifically for taking you to saloon or, even better, one with a saloon installed in it, the truth is that it's just a version of a sedan car. See more here.)

Williams also won the North Island Saloon Champs title last week, and is aiming for the New Zealand Super Saloon Champs this Friday. Say, isn't Tony Stewart in Australia right about now?

Williams is, of course, out of work as long as Tiger doesn't play, and has given no indication as to whether he'd be returning anytime soon. "I'm on holiday, mate," he smiled in response to the question of Woods' plans.

(Please note: that photo is of Mr. Woods, and it's not a recent one. It's from a 2006 charity event in New Zealand where Tiger and Stevie hung at a track.)

Anyway, congrats to Stevie on a job well done. Perhaps next time they're together, Steve could give Tiger a few hydrant-dodging lessons.

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