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For those who whine that NASCAR is nothing but WWE on wheels, Monday night gave us a perfect collision of cultures, as Kyle Busch and Joey Logano stepped into the ring to guest-host WWE Raw. This is just too ridiculously awesome for words, so I'm going to step aside for a moment and let you check part 1:

Gotta say, Kyle plays the heel to perfection, turning the entire city of Buffalo against him with a couple well-timed lines ("You guys haven't been to the playoffs since Hulkamania"). And Joey manages not to soil himself while calling out The Big Show, which is saying something.

After the jump, some more video.

Next up, the boys try their best to look tough, plus they get to hang with a Little Person:

So, goofy, yes, but not nearly as bad as the horror that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne will be next week. So the Gibbs boys got that goin' for 'em.

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