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NASCAR has a sad history of trouble with air travel, with many of the sport's brightest stars getting injured, or worse, in small-craft accidents. So a few pulses quickened when the following tweet came through from Greg Biffle:

Is there ever really such thing as a "small" plane accident?

Biffle was landing at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Ky., when his right landing gear collapsed, causing the plane's wing to hit the ground. Biffle later told ESPN's "NASCAR Now" that he saw the left wing bank upward and the right wing start throwing off sparks.

"My pilots are purely heroes for maintaining control of the aircraft [and] keeping [it] on the runway," Biffle later tweeted. "If not it wouldn't have been the same outcome."

The runway was closed for about two hours while crews cleaned the debris. No one on the plane was injured, but we'd imagine a few stiff drinks and prayers were in order after that.

Biffle's team owner, Jack Roush, has been involved in two plane crashes, most recently last year when he lost his left eye.

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