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Okay, this is one of the more bizarre paint schemes to come down the pike in quite some time. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of "The Andy Griffith Show" -- no! it seems like it was on just yesterday! -- Front Row Motorsports will run its No. 37 Ford Fusion with decor featuring the characters from the show on the hood and a paint scheme like an old Mayberry patrol car. Yes, really.

Dave Blaney will be driving the car, and this weekend's Bank of America 500 will be an appropriate locale given it's in Mayberry's home state. Now, I wish that I could throw in a few more catchy Andy Griffith lines, but this was so far before my time that I can't even fake my way through a few. But any show that makes alcoholism look like a recreational activity, that's a show for me. Here's hoping they keep Otis away from Blaney's pit crew.

But this seems like it opens the door to some new paint schemes. The Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee would probably send all the wrong messages, but somebody needs to run a NASCAR'ed-up version of the Bandit's Trans Am, the A-Team's van or Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine. And you know somebody's going to get saddled with driving a Lightning McQueen car once the next "Cars" movie hits. But what other cars of yore deserve a turn on a NASCAR track? Have your say.

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