Most of ‘Boras Four’ still waiting for paydays

Yahoo Sports national MLB insider Russell Dorsey takes a look at the remaining clients for famed agent Scott Boras that are looking for deals as the calendar turns to March.

Video Transcript

RUSSELL DORSEY: The first what has been coined the "Boras Four", signed earlier this week with Cody Bellinger returning to the Cubs on a 3-year, $80 million deal. But a big question around the game of baseball right now is, What happens to Boras's other clients, Jordan Montgomery, Blake Snell, Matt Chapman? And let's not forget JD Martinez who had a really solid season for the Los Angeles Dodgers last year.

Now, Bellinger has the advantage of being 28-years-old and probably helped to his advantage to get those opt-outs after both year 1 and year 2. But for some of Boras's other clients, they might not have that same advantage. Matt Chapman is 30-years-old. Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery are 31, and JD Martinez is 36. So do some of Boras's other clients have to sign one-year deals or will a team throw an opt-out in there to potentially get his clients back into the market next year? So it'll be really interesting to see how teams and Boras go about their business with the season right around the corner.