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UFC heavyweight champ Andrei Arlovski appeared as a security guard on The Jerry Springer Show back in September of 2007, now he’s a candidate to sit in one of those coveted chairs on The Springer Show stage.

Word out of Chicago this weekend says Arlovski got the ultimate kick in the groin when arch-rival Tim Sylvia was seen hanging with the Belarusian’s old flame Patrycja Mikula. Sylvia was attending the Adrenaline MMA show at the Sears Centre in Arlovski’s backyard.

Is this a WWE-style ploy to build to a fourth Sylvia-Arlovski fight? The angle has ‘Chris Benoit stealing Kevin Sullivan’s wife, Woman’ written all over it.

Is Mikula actually smitten with the 6-foot-8 ‘Maine-iac' Sylvia? Or is she using poor Tim as a pawn to get back at her old boyfriend? And is it cheesy for Sylvia to be scooping up Arlovski’s leftovers?

Mikula is actually more than a leftover. The big Russian had dated the Polish beauty for over two years. She gained internet fame as Arlovski's mate when she was targeted by MMA fans at her MySpace page. Fans lashed out at Mikula alleging that she turned Arlovski soft. Arlovski did get very metrosexual, waxing his body hair for fights, once he shacked up with Mikula. But no one should shred an athlete who puts his butt on the line in the cage or ring.

What could be worse for Arlovski than watching his old flame cozying up with a guy who beat him in 2-of-3 fights, and consistently badmouths him?

Apparently there are few rules when it comes to dating with Sylvia.

Don’t forget former Miletich Camp teammate, Matt Hughes, called out Sylvia for screwing over a friend, in his book Made in America:

HUGHES: He was waiting for me to tell him there was a big misunderstanding or to apologize, like I wasn’t aware of what I was doing.

"Yeah, I really don’t like you," I told him.

SYLVIA: "Is there a reason why?"

HUGHES: "I don’t think you’re a team player and I don’t think you work very hard," I said.

SYLVIA: "How am I not a team player?"

HUGHES: "Remember that whole thing with that girl?" I reminded him.

He waved those ridiculously long arms of his in the air.

SYLVIA: "They weren’t even going out!"

If you’re thinking this is all nonsense. Sylvia’s tryst with Mikula was confirmed by solid Miletich Camp sources, who said the Playboy model is simply a ‘wallet and belt chaser.’

As if Sylvia didn’t have enough motivation, a victory over Fedor on July 19th may keep Mikula around for a while. Watch out Fedor!

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