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Steven Seagal is a funny guy and he doesn't even know it.

The former action film star has got plenty of run recently from his stops in to "work" with fighters from Blackhouse MMA. When Anderson Silva pulled another amazing move from his bag of tricks, Seagal was quick to jump on board and take credit. Silva was fine with it. He helped out Seagal by giving him a few pops during the UFC 126 postfight press conference.

Bas Rutten was watching Silva's win over Vitor Belfort and marveled on Twitter at the boot to the face delivered by the UFC middleweight champ.

When Rutten, a former UFC heavyweight champ, saw the postfight comments and Seagal trying to steal the spotlight, the legendary "real" fighter went off.

Check out some of the fine work put in by Seagal with Silva. Sure Seagal is 58 and slightly overweight, but you can see the athleticism and flexibility he still possesses.

If Silva's cool with Seagal, I guess we have to be too. 

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