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The scheduling twists are non-stop in mixed martial arts. UFC is all set to debut in Memphis with a card following "The Ultimate Fighter 10" on December 12. Why Memphis? Well, it's Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's hometown and he was expected to take on fellow TUF 10 coach Rashad Evans in a much-anticipated fight. 

But according to MMABay, a British MMA site with close ties to Jackson's camp, that won't be happening. The site reports that the Evans-Jackson fight has been dumped from the card because Rampage is expected to play the role of B.A. Baracus in the new "A-Team" movie which is currently filming in Vancouver, and he would not have had time to get in full training camp before UFC 107.

UPDATE: The Sun confirmed that Jackson did get the role in "The A-Team".

Wow, what a bummer! After what should be the best TUF season ever, now we have to wait months for Evans and Jackson to climb in the cage? UFC president Dana White, boarding a plane for Italy on Friday, was unavailable for comment.

All of a sudden, Memphis seems like a risky proposition with a depressed economy and no local star on the card. There's also the concern of fighting in the South as the SEC football season is wrapping up and the NFL is in its playoff drive. Ultimate Fight Night 17 in Nashville got next to no coverage in the Tennessean, will it be any different with the Memphis Commercial and on local television and radio? UFC 102 in Portland fell little flat and failed to sell out. Could it have been because of little media coverage locally?

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