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He's been the UFC light heavyweight champ, a thespian, and a magazine cover boy. Now, Chuck Liddell's gotta dance!

That's right, the former light heavyweight champ is going to be a member of the upcoming cast of "Dancing with the Stars." The ABC show is going into its ninth season, and Liddell is on a cast with a menagerie of C-list stars like Melissa Joan Hart, who was once "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," and Donny Osmond, the singing-dancing-acting "star" who is currently performing with his sister, Marie, in Las Vegas.

With Liddell on a very popular television show, MMA is going to be exposed to a large fanbase who most likely had not ever heard of him in the past. It will show that fighters aren't just meatheaded brutes.

Since Liddell is in retirement limbo, taking time out for DWTS will give both him and the UFC a chance to figure out what to do with him.  

Liddell has a good shot, as athletes have previously excelled on the show. Five of the show's nine champions were athletes, including football player Emmitt Smith and most recently, Olympian Shawn Johnson. Liddell's one-time girlfriend, Willa Ford, was on the show when the two were dating, and he was even spotted in the audience supporting her. He may have picked up a move or two from Ford.

Most importantly, Liddell has a huge fanbase, and that is key to winning "Dancing with the Stars." The show starts Sept. 21, so get ready to vote for the Iceman. 

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