Mike McDaniel's advice after Harrison Butker flap: "Whatever you're going to say, you better believe it"

This week, Chiefs coach Andy Reid is expected to talk to reporters. He'll likely be asked about the recent remarks from kicker Harrison Butker, which sparked controversy and calls for him to be cut on one hand and the same-old Cancel Culture! counter-reaction on the other.

On Tuesday, Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel was asked about the Butker situation. Specifically, how does McDaniel handle political issues that make their way into the locker room?

"I think you do have to open the eyes of the players to their platform if they’re new to the situation," McDaniel told reporters. "I think you have to understand that what you say publicly can be fragmented and last with you forever. I really emphasize that whatever you’re going to say, you better believe it. You just try to educate people to understand the consequences of whatever they do. They have the freedom of choice, and if they want to go that direction, go right ahead."

McDaniel is right. Whatever you say when expressing political opinions, you'd better damn sure believe it. Because it will basically be a tattoo on your public persona.

Unless, of course, you change your positions so frequently to fit whatever your current agenda might be that no one can remember what you ever said.

Meanwhile, the best take I’ve seen on the Butker situation came earlier this week from Jon Stewart. It's worth your 15 minutes, because it addresses a lot of performative nonsense that makes up today's political discourse.