Michael Thomas tees off on NFL medical care in deleted tweets

Saints receiver Michael Thomas followed a record-setting 2019 with a Week One ankle injury in 2020 that derailed his career. Based on a tweet he posted and deleted, he seems to think the medical he received contributed to his struggles.

Retweeting the news that former Eagles safety Chris Maragos secured a $43.5 million malpractice verdict based on the treatment of a knee injury, Thomas said, “the nfl medical sucks, cheap, and uneducated their job requires barely any eduction or curriculum,” via USA Today.

Thomas followed the first tweet with “well at least [at] some places I know,” before deleting both tweets.

In 2020, Thomas appeared in only six more games. He missed all of 2021, and he played in only three games in 2022.

Regardless of any specific complaints Thomas may or may not have regarding the treatment he received following his original ankle injury, one of the longstanding concerns regarding NFL medical care generally arises from the argument that medical practices potentially have been retained on past occasions by some teams based less on expertise and more on how much money those practices spend in sponsorships, signage, suites, etc.

Michael Thomas tees off on NFL medical care in deleted tweets originally appeared on Pro Football Talk