Michael Jordan rookie jersey sells for record $320,000 at auction

Here’s a shocker: Michael Jordan memorabilia is still a hot commodity among collectors. A historic Jordan rookie jersey sold for a record price at an auction Friday, according to CNN.

The jersey — the one Jordan held up during his introductory press conference with the Chicago Bulls — went for $320,000. That figure set a record for the most expensive Jordan jersey ever sold at an auction. The previous record was set in July, when a collector paid $288,000 for a jersey Jordan wore in the 1997-98 Eastern Conference finals.

Jordan’s rookie jersey was expected to go for between $200,000 and $300,000, but wound up selling for $20,000 above that price, according to Julien’s Auction.

Jordan’s jersey wasn’t the only piece of memorabilia to set a record Friday. The jersey worn by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sold for a record $128,000 at the same auction. That figure set a record for the most expensive football jersey ever sold at auction. A high school jersey worn by former U.S. President Barack Obama went for $192,000, the largest amount ever for a high school jersey sold at auction.

Michael Jordan memorabilia remains a hot seller

While Jordan’s rookie jersey went for quite a bit, it’s not the most expensive piece of Jordan memorabilia out there. In May, an autographed pair of game-worn Air Jordan sneakers from Jordan’s rookie season went for $560,000 at auction. That auction occurred as ESPN was airing “The Last Dance,” which may have helped the shoes fetch more money.

That may not even be the most expensive piece of Jordan memorabilia. Upper Deck reportedly purchased the entire hardwood floor from Delta Arena for $1 million in 1999, according to Cigar Aficianado. Jordan and the Bulls won their sixth and final NBA championship on that court during the 1997-98 NBA season.

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