Miami Heat offseason primer: Swinging for a star again?

Without the obstinance of Jimmy Butler, it was always going to end this way. Even with the Miami Heat’s underdog spirit, there was no way to overcome the best team in the East without one of the best winners of the last generation. Nevertheless, with their 118-84 loss to the Boston Celtics in game five of their 2024 NBA Playoffs first round series, the season is over for the Heat, one that showed promise at times but ultimately never offered true contention for the title.

The Heat must now look forwards, and how they can retool to go again. Certainly, they have big plans, and are said to be intending to (or perhaps anticipating that they will) land another star on the same sort of timeline as their All-Star center Bam Adebayo. But as is often the case with this franchise, the Heat also have one of the oldest teams in the NBA. And these days, that comes without Udonis Haslem upping the average.

As always, the Heat will want to go big, just as they swung for Damian Lillard last summer (and seem to get into contention for every star player rumored to be available). How feasible that will be will be determined by what they have to work with.

With that in mind, here follows a look at the Miami Heat’s roster and spending heading into the 2024 NBA offseason.

State of the roster and offseason options

How the CBA affects them

Free agent: Caleb Martin

Free agent: Kevin Love

Free agent: Haywood Highsmith

Free agent: Josh Richardson

Free agent: Delon Wright


Players rostered: 12, including four player options

Two-way players: 0

Guaranteed salaries: $180,178,330

Non-guaranteed salaries: $2,120,693

Total salary: $182,299,023


Projected 2024/25 salary cap amount: $141,000,000

  • Salary cap space: None

Projected 2024/25 luxury tax threshold: $171,345,000

  • Luxury tax space: None

Projected 2024/25 first apron threshold: $178,655,000

  • First apron space: None

Projected 2024/25 second apron threshold: $189,486,000

  • Second apron space: Approximately $9 million


Spending options:

  • Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception – $5,183,000 (projected)

  • Victor Oladipo trade exception – $9,450,000 (expires July 6 2024)

  • Max Strus trade exception – $7,243,842 (expires July 8 2024)

  • Kyle Lowry trade exception – $6,477,319 (expires January 23 2025)

Jimmy Butler

Bam Adebayo

Tyler Herro

Terry Rozier

Duncan Robinson

Caleb Martin

Kevin Love

Jaime Jaquez

Josh Richardson

Thomas Bryant

Nikola Jovic

Orlando Robinson

Haywood Highsmith

Delon Wright

Patty Mills

Jamal Cain

Cole Swider

Alondes Williams

Cap hold: $1,867,722

Type of free agent: Non-Bird (restricted)

Additional notes:

  • Gilbert Arenas clause is applicable.

Story originally appeared on HoopsHype