Mets' Francisco Alvarez 'feels good' after taking batting practice

Francisco Alvarez took another step forward in his recovery from a thumb injury by taking batting practice before Saturday’s game between the Mets and Giants.

It was the first time Alvarez had taken batting practice since the injury, which he said felt normal swinging, and drew some laughs from reporters when he told them he hit the ball 115 miles per hour.

“It feels good,” Alvarez told reporters. “I feel good hitting on the field. I feel like a baseball player.”

The Mets catcher was wearing a splint over his left thumb, which he said he’d likely have to continue to wear for a few games when he returns.

When that will be is still undetermined. The Mets catcher did not know what the timetable would be on his return, adding there is still more work for him to do before he begins a rehab assignment.

“Maybe,” he said. “I’d have to see [velocity] on the machine, I’d have to catch a bullpen, face a pitcher. I’d have to do a couple things… I don’t know if it’s a few more weeks or days.”