Meet teen snowboarder Red Gerard

Teen sensation Red Gerard

Gerard is the youngest American to win an Olympic medal in snowboarding. Shaun White was 19 when he won his first Olympic medal..

Teen sensation Red Gerard

Gerard is one of the youngest Olympians on Team USA. Team uSA has 11 teens competing in PyeongChang.

Teen sensation Red Gerard

The Gerard family isn’t small. Gerard is the 6th out of seven siblings. He has two sisters and four brothers.

Teen sensation Red Gerard

Some toddlers learn how to walk at age 2, but Red was already snowboarding.

Teen sensation Red Gerard

Most snowboarders have a go-to playlist blaring in their headphones during competition, but Red isn’t like most snowboarders. He prefers to listen to the sounds of the mountain.

Teen sensation Red Gerard

When the Gerard family realized that their son was a gifted snowboarder they decided to move to Colorado. This move ensured that he had access to the best snowboarding runs in the nation.

Teen sensation Red Gerard

The Gerard brothers built a terrain park in their backyard so the snowboarder would have year-around access to snowboarding. (Photo via TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine)

Teenager Red Gerard won the United States’ first medal of the PyeongChang Games on Sunday morning, taking gold in slopestyle snowboarding with an array of daring spins, flips and stylish elements in a stunning final run.

Jeff Passan