Louisville police release two videos from Scheffler arrest; officer reprimanded

Louisville police release two videos from Scheffler arrest; officer reprimanded

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg and LMPD Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel on Thursday released the results of the preliminary investigation into an incident that involved Scottie Scheffler during the week of the PGA Championship.

Greenberg reiterated that the arresting officer, Det. Bryan Gillis, did not activate his body-cam device and added that there was no footage of the initial incident that took place outside of Valhalla Golf Club. Gillis has received “corrective action” for his policy violation, Gwinn-Villaroel said.

Neither Greenberg nor Gwinn-Villaroel indicated that charges against Scheffler would be dropped.

“We respect the judicial process,” Gwinn-Villaroel said, “and we will allow the courts to proceed.”

They did not take questions from the assembled media.

Scheffler was arrested prior to the second round of the PGA when he tried to avoid traffic and enter the club. Earlier that morning, security guard John Mills had been struck and killed by a shuttle bus, causing significant delays and a traffic backup just outside the gates. According to the incident report, Gillis was injured when Scheffler “refused to comply” with officer instructions and “accelerated forward,” causing cuts to Gillis' knee and wrist.

Scheffler was charged with four counts, including second-degree assault of a police officer, which is a felony. He spent about an hour in a jail cell and was released in time to play his second round. The reigning Masters champion shot 66 that day and ultimately tied for eighth.

Scheffler has called the incident "chaotic" and a "big misunderstanding," and that he never intended to disregard any instructions. Outside the courthouse Thursday, Scheffler’s attorney, Steven Romines, said that his position has not changed over the past six days.

“Scottie Scheffler didn’t do anything wrong,” Romines said. “We’re not interested in a settlement. It will either be dismissed or we will go to trial.”

An arraignment was originally scheduled for May 21 but has since been rescheduled for June 3, the Monday of Memorial week. Because Scheffler is facing a felony charge, Scheffler is expected to be in court in Louisville.

Police on Thursday released video footage of the arrest from two cameras – a fixed camera from the other side of Shelbyville Road, where the incident took place, as well as from dash cam footage of a police car. Neither show the initial interaction between Scheffler and Gillis.

Scheffler is playing this week at the PGA Tour’s Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort Worth, Texas, close to the world No. 1’s home in Dallas.